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Docker image for building Mapbender3 artifacts from git repositories
Full Description

Docker image for Mapbender flavoured builds

This Image is just for building mapbender artifacts. To run mapbender in docker use
this image...

How to run

You have to install docker first.

The easiest way

# Now lay back, get a coffee or thanks Axel for making this docker-box possible

The not as easy as above way

After that, or if you want to use the image from the docker hub repository, run:

docker run mapbender/build -v /absolute/path/to/out:/out

If you want to build a specific version you can change the behavior
by changing environment variables, like this:

docker run mapbender/build --env MAPBENDER_REPOSITORY="..." -v /absolute/path/to/out:/out

See list below for all environment variables...

Build image on your own

If you want to build the image locally run in this folder:

docker build -t mapbender/build .

How to enhance this image

This docker image have a user for builds called bob. Please prefer him for builds!

There is a directory for enhancing with additional provisioning in /build-init.d.
You can create your own image for builds and enhance this one by placing shell scripts
or a parameter.yml into this folder like this:

FROM mapbender/build

MAINTAINER Put your name here

COPY /build-init.d/
COPY my-own-and-specific-paramters.yml /build-init.d/parameters.yml

Environment variables

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository