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docker plex-pass

This is a Dockerfile to set up ( "Plex Media Server") - (

This version installs the Plex Pass version of the server. See the
original repo for the normal version.

Build from docker file

git clone
cd docker-plex-pass
docker build -t plex-pass .

You can also obtain it via:

docker pull maran/plex-pass

Instructions to run:

docker run -d -h *your_host_name* -v /*your_config_location*:/config -v /*your_videos_location*:/data -p 32400:32400  plex

The first time it runs, it will initialize the config directory and terminate.

You will need to modify the auto-generated config file to allow connections from your local IP range. This can be done by modifying the file:

your_config_location/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Preferences.xml

and adding allowedNetworks="" as a parameter in the <Preferences ...> section.

Start the docker instance again and it will stay as a daemon and listen on port 32400.

Browse to: http://*ipaddress*:32400/web to run through the setup wizard.

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3 years ago

And I worked it all out! Thank you for taking time to assist me!

3 years ago

Ok I get forking and adding the file to the repository. Unsure about the Dockerfile part

3 years ago

Fork my recipe on Github,, and add the file to the repository and add it to the Dockerfile. Should be easy enough :)

3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi, first thank you for creating this container. So I am seeking your guidance. I have a python script that polls PMS for my watched shows and then deletes them. I can not get this to work with the container. Any ideas?