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It's a commit from "jupyter/notebook" with a password added.
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How to run:

You can pull it, but, as soon as you start it, it'll ask for a password which I'm not in the mood to provide for obvious reasons but, you can start running a shell:

docker run -it marcelfox/jupyter bash

Then you can run a python IDLE executing the following:
from notebook.auth import passwd

The IDLE will ask for a password, type a simple and complex one, it'll generate a hash which you'll use at the jupiter configuration file.
The image has "vim.tiny" which we'll use for edit the configuration file, so:

vim.tiny /root/.jupyter/

You'll add the following to the bottom of the file:
c.NotebookApp.password = u'HASH GENERATED'

For instance:
c.NotebookApp.password = u'sha1:67c9e60bb8b6:9ffede0825894254b2e042ea597d771089e11aed'

More information about, you can find it at:

After change the password and quit the bash, you must commit this container into another in order to run it with the modifications, so:

docker commit ID_CONTAINER your_repository/container then you can run the jupyter by:

docker run --net="host" -d --volume="$HOME:/notebooks" your_repository/container jupyter notebook --port=8080

now all you've got to do is access "localhost:8080" at your local browser and you're good to go!

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