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AirSonos on Raspberry Pi
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This image runs only on ARM environments, hence cannot be built by Docker Hub automatically. You can find the Dockerfile used to create this image under


A Docker image for AirSonos on Raspberry Pi (tested with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B).

AirSonos exposes Sonos as an AirPlay endpoint. To learn more about AirSonos, read the author's blog about it.


This image is heavily inspired by justintime/airsonos.
Differences in this image are:

  • hypriot/rpi-node:0.10.36 image as base
  • supervisord instead of init mechanism from phusion/baseimage.


  1. Install Docker on you Raspberry Pi (e.g.
  2. Run the container:
    sudo docker run -d --restart=always --net="host" --name="airsonos" \
    -p 5000-5050:5000-5050/tcp marcelst/airsonos-pi

Notes on running the container

Because the discovery mechanism uses mdns, you have to use --net="host" in order for discovery of your Sonos devices to work properly. Since AirSonos binds to random ports between 5000 and 5050, it's best to publish them all.

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