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SSH Mono complete MonoDevelop
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marchandd/term_ssh_user_monodevelop Docker:copyright: image


A sandbox container with last version of Mono environment ready to be exploited for Mono app from Linux or Windows host.
This image contains also included Xamarin:copyright: monodevelop, last version of Mono environment IDE ready to use.


Based from term_ssh_user_monodotnet45 image:
Easy method to produce a terminal containers to run Mono app into sandbox from secured host to remote client with SSH.
This image included Xamarin:copyright: mono-complete installed to run Gtk# and PCL (.Net Portable) apps.
This image also included Xamarin:copyright: monodevelop and MonoDevelop-nunit (test usage) installed to create mono apps.

Image size

Around 1050 Mb.


Marchand D. Maintainer

Details source

Image parent

Part of project studies

Build image

Command line

:computer: docker pull marchandd/term_ssh_user_monodevelop


:warning: If your Firewall is enabled on the host, with default outgoing policy turned to
you will have to disable 22 port filtering:

  • Make a new rule for OpenSSH (22/TCP) to enable outgoing policy.

Build container

Command line

:computer: docker run -d -p XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YYYYY:22 marchandd/term_ssh_user_monodevelop

Where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is your IP v4 address.
Where YYYYY is your Private port, if you doesn't know free port, try from 49200...

Command line explanation

  • Run in detached mode.
  • Export port 22.

Container usage

SSH access

Open terminal with docker account.
Basic fixed password for Docker public repository from marchandd/term_ssh_user_monodotnet45 image = 'term_ssh_user_monodotnet45'

:computer: ssh -X docker@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -p YYYYY


When you are into SSH access.

:computer: monodevelop



All details on parent image

  • Download MonoDevelop from Xamarin.
  • Download MonoDevelop-nunit from Xamarin.


Make sure to have installed OpenSSH client or GUI SSH client (Putty).


A password is used and not a certificate that could be more secure.

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