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SSH Firefox Mono complete
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marchandd/term_ssh_user_monodotnet45 Docker:copyright: image


A sandbox container with last version of Mono environment ready to be exploited for Mono app from Linux or Windows host.


Easy method to produce a terminal containers to run Mono app into sandbox from secured host to remote client with SSH.
This image included Xamarin:copyright: mono-complete installed to run Gtk# and PCL (.Net Portable) apps.

Image size

Around 950 Mb.


Marchand D. Maintainer

Details source

Part of project studies

Build image

Command line

:computer: docker pull marchandd/term_ssh_user_monodotnet45


:warning: If your Firewall is enabled on the host, with default outgoing policy turned to
you will have to disable 22 port filtering:

  • Make a new rule for OpenSSH (22/TCP) to enable outgoing policy.

Build container (standalone mode only)

Not necessary to do if you want only to run MonoDevelop image...
Standalone mode only if you want to do software install by yourself.

Command line

:computer: docker run -d -p XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YYYYY:22 --name latest_term_ssh_user_monodotnet45 marchandd/term_ssh_user_monodotnet45

Where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is your IP v4 address.
Where YYYYY is your Private port, if you doesn't know free port, try from 49200...

Command line explanation

  • Run in detached mode.
  • Export port 22.

Container usage (standalone mode only)

SSH access

Open terminal with docker account.
Basic fixed password for Docker public repository = 'term_ssh_user_monodotnet45'

:computer: ssh -X docker@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -p YYYYY
:computer: mono -V display v4.2.1 (at 20151117)



  • Make docker user creation and dynamic password is display into logs.
  • Change config for SSH daemon.
  • Download Mono from Xamarin.
  • Give Supervisor management for OpenSSH server.
  • Expose SSH port.


Make sure to have installed OpenSSH client or GUI SSH client (Putty).


A password is used and not a certificate that could be more secure.

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