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X11shared Firefox
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marchandd/term_x11shared_sudoers_firefox Docker:copyright: image


A sandbox container with last version of Mozilla Firefox ready to use from Linux host.


Very easy method to produce a light GUI containers to access to Firefox into sandbox from Linux host.

Image size

Around 450 Mb.


Marchand D. Maintainer

Details source

Part of project studies

Build image

Command line

:computer: docker pull marchandd/term_x11shared_sudoers_firefox

Command line explanation

Make sure your user / group id is 1000.
Run terminal with your account. Display your ids with this command:

:computer: id -a

If not equal to 1000, try another command:

:computer: sudo su

:computer: id -a


Due to sudoers privileges, none particularity.

Build container

Command line

:computer: docker run -ti -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix --name latest_term_x11shared_sudoers_firefox marchandd/term_x11shared_sudoers_firefox

:boom: Problem appears just now

Command line explanation

  • Run in interactive mode.
  • Export display.
  • Share x11 drivers from host to container.

Container usage


When you access to container firefox is launched automatically.

But if you have closed firefox windows and you want to reload it:

:computer: firefox



  • After to be sure for your user ID and group ID you can export data.
  • Create identical user with Developper name.
  • Give him sudoers privileges to machine host to access without password.
  • Using Developer user.
  • Launch Firefox.


Use host drivers to display GUI applications from container.
Do not use this container with remote access.


Make sudoers give dangerous access permissions...
Sharing drivers turn sandbox to isolation failure...
Reserve it to test only in local mode.

Linux Host builder and local test

  • KUbuntu (15.10)
  • Docker (1.9.0)
Docker Pull Command