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VNC XVFB Firefox Wine AntRenamer,FreeCommander,Notepad++,ToDoList, WinMerge Portable-Apps
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marchandd/vncxvfb_wine_portableapps Docker:copyright: image


A sandbox container with some Windows Portable-apps samples easy to install, update and use from Linux or Windows host.


Based from vncxvfb_wine_firefox image:
Complex method to produce a GUI containers to access to Windows Portable-apps into sandbox from Linux or Windows host.
Image can run Windows software through emulator accessing by view remotely X displays.

After image and container builds, connect to container with VNC.
Run scripts for Windows Portable-apps samples to install and use like explain in docs.

Image size

Around 1300 Mb.


Marchand D. Maintainer

Details source

Image parent

Part of project studies

Build image

Command line

:computer: docker pull marchandd/vncxvfb_wine_portableapps


:warning: If your Firewall is enabled on the host, with default outgoing policy turned to
you will have to disable 5900 port filtering:

  • Make a new rule for VNC (5900/TCP) to enable outgoing policy.

Build container

Command line

:computer: docker run -d -p XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YYYYY:5900 --name latest_vncxvfb_wine_portableapps -v LOCALPATH:/data marchandd/vncxvfb_wine_portableapps
Where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is your IP v4 address.
Where YYYYY is your Private port, if you doesn't know free port, try from 49200...

Command line explanation

All details on docs

Container usage


All details on docs



All details on docs


GUI applications are not able to run directly in terminal.
VNC client need to be installed to run GUI applications.
Wine is installed but need to be initialized before using it.
All Windows Portable-apps samples must been installed with deployed scripts.

Basic fixed password for Docker public repository from marchandd/vncxvfb_wine_firefox image = 'vncxvfb_wine_firefox'

All details on docs


VNC protocol but not crypted...
Reserve usage only in local mode.

Docker Pull Command