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Storage server for the Artemis honeynet
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#Artemis - Storage

A dockerized image for the Artemis storage server.


Download latest container for storage server and mysql

 docker pull marclaliberte/artemis-storage
 docker pull mysql

Create user-defined Docker network

 docker network create artemis

Mount mysql container exposing ports and setting name to 'mysql-database'

 docker run --name mysql-database -p -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=[MySQLPassword] -d mysql

Create a docker vulume for persistent file storage

 docker create -v /var/artemis --name artemis-backend marclaliberte/artemis-storage /bin/true

Mount storage server container with persistentfile storage and link to mysql-database

 docker run --name artemis-storage --link mysql-database:mysql --volumes-from artemis-backend -it marclaliberte/artemis-storage

Within the container, edit hpfeeds and mysql settings in config.cfg

 vim config.cfg

Within the container, start the storage server

 python start
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