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Plivo-only image designed to be linked with Redis and Freeswitch containers.
Full Description

Plivo Framework Container

The image is designed to be used against a Freeswitch and Redis containers. Freesiwtch is where the actual magic happens and Redis as Plivo's cache.

When the container runs, it starts plivo-rest, plivo-outbound and plivo-cache automatically. And you can pass the following envars which will be set with their corresponding config:


If you need more control over configuration, its recommended to just mount your whole config folder from your host to the container like:

docker run -v /path/to/conf:/usr/local/plivo/etc/plivo ...

The base configuration that the container uses can be found on this repo as well.


  1. Create a docker network:

     docker network create --driver bridge voice_nw
  2. Run Freeswitch:

     docker run \
         --name=freeswitch \
         --net=voice_nw \
         -p 5060:5060/tcp \
         -p 5060:5060/udp \
         -p 5080:5080/tcp \
         -p 5080:5080/udp \
         -p 8021:8021/tcp \
         -p 7443:7443/tcp \
         -p 60535-65535:60535-65535/udp \
         -v "$(pwd)/conf:/usr/local/freeswitch/conf" bettervoice/freeswitch-container:1.6.5
  3. Run Redis:

     docker run -d \
         --name=redis \
         --net=voice_nw \
  4. Finally, run Plivo:

     docker run \
         --name=plivoframework \
         --net=voice_nw \
         -p 8084:8084 \
         -p 8088:8088 \
         -p 8089:8089 \
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