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Repository for pre-configured EMI UIs
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How to use EMI UI docker container for VO:

In a CentOS (or Ubuntu) server, as root, install and start docker-engine:

yum install docker-engine -y (or apt-get install -y)
service docker start

Copy your usercert.pem and userkey.pem under /root/.globus/ (or where else you prefer)

mkdir /root/.globus
scp yourusername@yourpc.domain:.globus/user*.pem /root/.globus/

Now you have two options:

  • pull the image and run the container (faster):
    docker pull marcoverl/docker-emi-ui
    docker run -it -v /root/.globus:/home/enmruser/.globus --name wenmr-ui marcoverl/docker-emi-ui
  • build the docker image and run the container (slower):
    git clone
    cd docker-emi-ui
    docker build -t docker-emi-ui .
    docker run -it -v /root/.globus:/home/enmruser/.globus --name wenmr-ui docker-emi-ui

    You are logged as root, in case you need to install other packages. As enmruser you can then create your proxy and submit grid jobs

    chown enmruser.enmruser -R /home/enmruser
    su - enmruser
    voms-proxy-init -voms
    # testing job submission via EMI-WMS
    glite-wms-job-list-match -a test-wms.jdl
    glite-wms-job-submit -a -o jidw.txt test-wms.jdl
    glite-wms-job-status -i jidw.txt
    glite-wms-job-output -i jidw.txt
    # testing direct job submission to a CREAM-CE
    glite-ce-job-submit -a -o jidc.txt -r test-cream.jdl
    glite-ce-job-status -i jidc.txt
    glite-ce-job-output -i jidc.txt
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