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Docker image based on Arch-linux featuring IIDEAA tools
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Docker image based on Arch-linux featuring IIDEAA tools

Introduction to Bellerophon

Bellerophon is a genetic optimization tools, used in the context of Approximate Computing. It is part of IIDEAA tools, developed to be used in conjunction with clang-Chimera. Clang-Chimera provides code mutation, and Bellerophon uses genetic algorithm to find the Pareto-optimal solutions.

You can find more details about Bellerophon at mariobarbareschi/bellerophon.

In order to try by yourself IIDEAA, just clone and make Docker image by your own.

How use container

Download and build container

git clone
cd iidea-Docker/
docker build -t <name> .

Grab a coffee: it will take minutes for download and build everything.

Run container and mount volume

docker run -dit -v /path/to/host/folder:/absolute/path/to/container/folder/ <container hash>

Attach to container

docker attach <containerhash>

Now you have an interactive shell in wich you can use "clang-chimera" and "bellerophon" tools. You can use a sharing volume with host machine for getting access to files outside the container.


You can test a simple example:

docker run -it ...

The example uses bit lenght reduction approximate technique, provided by FLAP library.



Github is for social coding: if you want to write code, I encourage contributions through pull requests from forks of this repository.

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