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DOCKER Python vSphere Client with a dialog vmware Vcenter interface
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PVC is an interactive text-mode VMware vSphere Client with a dialog(1) interface for GNU/Linux systems built on top of the pyVmomi VMware vSphere API Python bindings.

Using PVC allows you to quickly navigate in your VMware vSphere environment and perform common tasks against various VMware vSphere Managed Entities.

PVC is Open Source and licensed under the BSD License.

For use in your docker for example:

docker run -i -t --rm --dns= --dns-search=net -h=pvc-v0.1.1 --name pvc marioezquerro/pvc:v0.1.1 /usr/local/bin/pvc-tui

To download use the tag version
docker pull marioezquerro/pvc:v0.1.1

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