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Collection of popular NGS tools
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This is an attempt to create a collection of popular Next-Generation Sequencing processing tools for teaching / training purposes. Novice users can try out the tools without having to install or fear of breaking their own machine or a server.

Software was downloaded to /software/. The current list includes

  • samtools

samtools 1.1 compiled from source
installed into /usr/bin/

  • bwa

bwa 0.7.12 compiled from source
installed into /usr/bin/

  • fastqc

fastqc 0.11.2 compiled binary

  • picard

picard-tools 1.119 compiled binary

  • bedtools

installed using apt-get install

vctools 0.1.12b compiled from source

  • bowtie2

compiled from git

  • tophat

tophat 1.3.2 compiled binary

trimmomatic 0.32 compiled binary

samstat 1.5 compiled from source

installed via apt-get install

  • sra-toolkit

version 2.4.3 binary

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