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A GitLab (Enterprise Edition) container with SubGit included.
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Image: marq/gitlab-ee-subgit

GitLab's Enterprise Edition, with SubGit v3.2.5 installed.

All of GitLab's Docker-related documentation remains valid; the only difference compared to the official Docker image(s) provided by GitLabHQ is that this image contains an installation of SubGit, a tool for migrating and even mirroring subversion and git source code repositories. In addition, one more volume (/etc/subgit) is exposed, allowing to store SubGit related things like a license key.

Subgit's SVN to Gitlab Howto is a worthwhile read.


/etc/gitlab: Configuration of the GitLab server

/var/opt/gitlab: Repositories

/var/log/gitlab: Logfiles

/etc/subgit: Location for subgit.key (if available; SubGit will find it there)

/etc/cron.d: Location for cron jobs (e.g., backups; see below)


For GitLab itself, see

For SubGit and Gitlab, see

In contrast to the original image, the cron daemon is also launched when starting up GitLab. This allows processing of cron jobs added to /etc/cron.d.


Note that the tag :latest is automatically build from the official GitLab repository; whenever GitlabHQ decides to push a new (even experimental) image. I handle versioned tags manually, based on officially tagged images as available in the Official GitLab repository. Should I forget to update, please raise a ticket at github. Thanks!

SubGit Versions

Starting with the image for v8.11 of GitLab, the SubGit included in this image is at v3.2.2. For a while, I was maintaining an alternate image with the older v3.0.0 of SubGit included. The images can be distinguished by their tags, e.g.:

gitlab-ee-subgit:8.11.0-ee.1:        GitLab v8.11.0 (EE), SubGit v3.2.2
gitlab-ee-subgit:8.11.0-ee.1-3.0.0:  GitLab v8.11.0 (EE), SubGit v3.0.0

Since September 2016, v3.0.0. of SubGit is no longer available; hence, versions after v8.11.2 are available with the then current SubGit version. Starting with GitLab v9.0, SubGit is at v3.2.5.

The :latest image is also using SubGit v3.2.5.


Bertrand Roussel provides at standalone Docker image (corfr/subgit | Github) for an alternative approach to use SubGit with (in fact any) dockerized git repository servers.

If you are looking for a Docker image combining GitLab's Community Edition (CE) with SubGit, please check out marq/gitlab-ce-subgit.

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