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Dockerfile to run Syndicate-QT Wallet and access it through the browser
Full Description

SYNX Webwallet

This image is intended to be used as platform independent way to display and test the Syndicate wallet in a browser.
The resulting Proof-of-Concept is running on Windows, Linux and OS X without actually compiling it for all platforms. All that's needed is Open Source Docker.

Image Contents

  • Xvfb - X11 in a virtual framebuffer
  • x11vnc - A VNC server that scrapes the above X11 server
  • noNVC - A HTML5 canvas vnc viewer
  • runit - to keep it all running


Stand-alone Demo

On Windows and OS X Only -
Determine the Docker machine IP address:

$ docker-machine ip $(docker-machine active)


$ docker run --rm -it -p 6080:6080 marsmensch/synxwallet

Open a browser and hit the Connect button to see the wallet at http://<DOCKER_MACHINE_IP>:6080


  • Persistent volume for chain data
  • Test with Docker for Windows and OS X Beta


Based on multiple other novnc projects like wine-x11-novnc-docker and octave-x11-novnc-docker.

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