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Docker images

Docker Hub

Download the image from Docker hub like this:

$ docker pull martencz/sphinx-doc


$ docker pull martencz/sphinx-doc-programming


If you need additional packages and tools, you can create your own container.
Create Dockerfile with similar content

FROM martencz/sphinx-doc:latest

RUN pip install sphinx-intl

CMD ["/bin/bash"]


Then build the image"

$ docker build -t my-sphinx-doc .

Starting with sphinx-doc

If you want to start to write new documentation, you can let sphinx create
a skeleton by running:

$ docker run --rm -it -v .:/doc martencz/sphinx-doc sphinx-quickstart

It will generate directory structure and Makefile to build the documentation.
To use docker with make, just change SPHINXBUILD in Makefile to:

SPHINXBUILD = docker run --rm -v .:/doc martencz/sphinx-doc sphinx-build
Docker Pull Command