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Standard Rundeck 2.6.2-1 installation with aws-ec2 plugin and Slack webhook
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  • Run the following query:
    docker run -p 4440:4440 --name 'rundeck' -e SERVER_URL= -e RUNDECK_PASSWORD=PASSWORD -t martijnz/rundeck
  • Go to specified url
  • Create a new project
  • Setup new Resource Model Source with the following settings:
    • Secret Key : found in AWS account
    • Access Key : found in AWS account
    • Endpoint :
    • Mapping Params : ssh-keypath.default=/home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_rsa;username.default=ubuntu;
  • Add servername.pem key via Key management and configure SSH and SCP with the new key

Bash into running docker image

docker exec -it rundeck-bijenkorf /bin/bash

Configure usernames and passwords

nano /etc/rundeck/

Add the neccesary users: <username>: <password>[,<rolename> ...]

Docker Pull Command