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Short Description
An image with docker client tools as Docker, Docker Compose and RDocker (docker over ssh)
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A docker image which let you to talk to remote hosts. Why we need it?
Because if you have CI/CD pipelines on wercker, bitbucket or any other service, you won't have docker inside your testing container (obviously)

Image Contents

  • docker: The same and glorious docker client we have on our localhost (if you don't know it... you shouldn't be here)
  • docker-compose: Docker compose client
  • rdocker: A small tool which let us use remote docker daemons through SSH
  • git
  • curl


I created this image for helping with Continuous Integration, in the end of my other projects builds I use this image for talking to a remote docker host where I send a Dockerfile. Also as we know docker provides a secure connection using TLS and certificates... but we know creating certs is not a fun task

Here is my usual script which I run inside a testing container on wercker

    #Testing script up here
    #Then if it's all ok we send commands to the remote docker over SSH
    rdocker root@REMOTE_HOST "docker build -t IMAGE_NAME ."

Tadann! With this config we can use remote docker as we do on localhost



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