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Rangs is a project intended to help every restaurant with delivery, while other companies try to promote their own product, we work together to make batter market by giving discounts in exchange of FB shares

We want to beneficiate both restaurants and clients

About Devops?

  • Builds - This project relies on Wercker and Docker. We use Wercker for running our builds, also it uses our docker on stage environment for building and pushing docker images to dockerhub.
  • Deploys - Our continuous delivery triggers whenever a commit is made on /master or /develop branches. For now we use custom docker-compose files for updating our "stage" and "production" environment. In any moment we can rollback any deploy with ease using Wercker itself
  • Backups - For now we are running backups of our MongoDB on S3 every day at 4:00AM (We're using linux crontab - checkout the backup script here)

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