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Ghost Blogging Software in NodeJS - headless installable
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Docker Ghost Container (marvambass/ghost)

maintained by MarvAmBass

FAQ - All you need to know about the marvambass Containers

What is it

This Dockerfile (available as marvambass/ghost) gives you a production Ghost Blog Container.

To configure the Container you use environment Variables.

It's based on the marvambass/nodejs Image

View in Docker Registry marvambass/ghost

View in GitHub MarvAmBass/docker-ghost

Environment variables and defaults

Ghost Variables


    • default:


    • default: not set - you need to add a complete Ghost mail configuration here
    • this it how it later will be used inside the config: _mail: {$GHOST_MAIL},_
    • more about email here

Auto-configuration Variables

Be careful at this point with special chars, they might not work like expected!


    • no default - needed for auto-configuration

    • no default - needed for auto-configuration
    • you need this to login to your ghost blog

    • default: Ghost
    • the title line for your blog

    • default: generated 10 chars password
    • minimum size 8 chars

Inherited Variables

  • NODE_Version (from marvambass/nodejs)
    • optional - if not set, the container uses the stable version it downloaded at container build
    • set this to any NodeJS Version supported by creationix/nvm for example 'NODE_VERSION=v0.10.0'
    • there is also something special here, if you want the absolutly current version of the current time, you can use 'NODE_VERSION=stable' and the current stable version will be downloaded

Exposed Ports

  • 2368
    • port where Ghost listens by default

Volume Paths

  • /ghost/content

    • the complete content and sqlite database is stored here
  • /ghost/config.js

    • to overwrite the default config and use your own - it is recommented to do this read-only (:ro)


You can just start your Ghost Blog with this Container. Take a look at the Examples below to find out some specials about this container.

Have Fun! And don't forget to go through the initial configuration with your browser - or anyone else might do it ;)


The simples way:

docker run -d \
-p 80:2368 \
-v /var/ghost:/ghost/content \
-e 'GHOST_URL=' \

If you want to use your own config.js and themes

docker run -d \
-p 80:2368 \
-v /var/ghost/content:/ghost/content \
-v /var/ghost/config.js:/ghost/config.js:ro \
-v /var/myghostthemes:/ghost/content/themes \
-e 'GHOST_URL=' \

If you want to use the auto configuration of the docker container

docker run -d \
-p 80:2368 \
-v /var/ghost/content:/ghost/content \
-e 'GHOST_URL=' \
-e '' \
-e 'GHOST_TITILE=Jon Doe does some blogging' \
-e 'GHOST_USERPASSWORD=SuperSecretPa55word' \
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