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easy to use RoundCube Webmail Server based on my secured nginx
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Docker Roundcube Container (marvambass/roundcube)

maintained by MarvAmBass

FAQ - All you need to know about the marvambass Containers

What is it

This Dockerfile (available as marvambass/roundcube) gives you a completly secure roundcube.

It's based on the marvambass/nginx-ssl-php Image

View in Docker Registry marvambass/roundcube

View in GitHub MarvAmBass/docker-roundcube

Environment variables and defaults

For Headless installation required

Roundcube Settings

    • default Europe/Berlin - use whatever you need

Roundcube Install Settings

    • not set by default - it set with any value, initialization process is skipped

Roundcube Database Settings

    • no default - if null it will use sqlite
    • no default - if null it will use sqlite
    • default: mysql
    • default: 3306 - if you use a different mysql port change it
    • default: roundcube

Roundcube Site Settings

    • default: / - you can chance that to whatever you want/need
    • default: not set - if set to any value the HTTP Strict Transport Security will be activated on SSL Channel
    • default: not set - if set together with ROUNDCUBE_HSTS_HEADERS_ENABLE and set to any value the HTTP Strict Transport Security will be deactivated on subdomains

Inherited Variables

Using the marvambass/roundcube Container

First you need a running MySQL Container (you could use: marvambass/mysql).

You need to --link your mysql container to marvambass/roundcube with the name mysql, and also link a valid imap smtp mail server with the name mail to it.

docker run -d -p 443:443 --link mysql:mysql --link mail:mail -e 'ROUNDCUBE_MYSQL_USER=username' -e 'ROUNDCUBE_MYSQL_PASSWORD=pa55worD' --name roundcube marvambass/roundcube
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