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subversion server on ubuntu 14.04 - does daily svn backup dumps and create projects by adding folder
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Docker Subversion Server based on secured Apache SSL PHP on Ubuntu 14.04

maintained by MarvAmBass

FAQ - All you need to know about the marvambass Containers

What is it

A Docker Subversion Apache2 Container (based on marvambass/apache2-ssl-php).

Features automatic daily dumps of your SVN Repos for Backup purposes.

You can control the access of your Project with a htpasswd file in combination with a authz file.

Creating a project

You are able to create a new Project by simply adding a new Folder to your repository root directory (/var/local/svn).
A cron running every 10 minutes will eventually pick it up.

How to access your repository

By defdault the repository is host on /svn, so for instance you can checkout yourRepo using svn checkout http://yourDockerIp/svn/yourRepo

pre run configuration (optional)

You may create the following two files. If you don't need access control you can just skip this step.

Create authz file like this example:


admin = user1,user2, testuser
devgroup = user5, user6

@admin = rw
@devgroup = r

# devgroup members are able to read and write on project2
@devgroup = rw

# admins have control over every project - and can list all projects on the root point
@admin = rw

# everybody is able to read repos and sees all projects
* = r


To add a new User like 'testuser' with password 'test' use the following command

htdigest -c $DAV_SVN_CONF/dav_svn.passwd Subversion testuser

Or if you're to lazy, just use this line for your file (for testing only!)


Run the container

docker run \
-d \
-v $SVN:/var/local/svn \
-v $SVN_BACKUP:/var/svn-backup \
-v $DAV_SVN_CONF/:/etc/apache2/dav_svn/ \
--name subversion marvambass/subversion \
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