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Diamond Collector container to monitor CoreOS host
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Minimal container that uses the diamond metrics collection to collect metrics from a CoreOS host and send them into Graphite.

This is based on the 'nuxeo/diamond' container created by Laurent Doguin @ Nuxeo - you can read the blog post here:

The container contains the customised forked version of diamond that Laurent Doguin created to look for metrics in '/host_proc'.

This container has a prerequisite of an already running graphite container & the diamond config in the container will expect to write metrics to a graphite host named 'graphitehost' (creative naming there!) on port 2003

Run the container using the following command:

docker run -h="diamond-collect-coreos" -d -v /proc:/host_proc:ro --name coreos-collector --link graphite_01:graphitehost maskerade/diamondcollector

Note the link here which is used to link the collector container to your graphite container using the name 'graphitehost'

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