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A Wagon (LocomotiveCMS) image


Pull this image with docker pull masm/wagon.


This image is built to have gems bundled into a docker volume.

First, create a container for using as a volume for bundler data:

docker create --name wagon-bundle --volume /bundle busybox

Then run bundle install (gems are stored in the volume):

docker run --rm --entrypoint bundle \
       --volume `pwd`:/app --volumes-from wagon-bundle masm/wagon install

Finally, serve your wagon site with:

docker run --rm --publish 3333:3333 \
           --volume `pwd`:/app --volumes-from wagon-bundle masm/wagon

This starts wagon serve. Your site should be available in localhost:3333.

Or pass wagon push to push your website:

docker run --rm --volume `pwd`:/app --volume-from wagon-bundle masm/wagon wagon push


Copyright (c) 2015 Marco Monteiro. Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.

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