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Parse是 fackbook开源的移动后端云服务,通俗讲可以看做 mongodb + Restful服务
Full Description

Parse is fackbook open source mobile cloud services, popular speaking, can be seen as mongodb + Restful services

1、sudo docker run -i -t -p 4040:4040 -p 1337:1337 parse:1.0

2、mongodb-runner start

3、parse-server --appId c6983b5f14704f00a478f72d4354f953 --masterKey 9cd04fb635164c88a1a5fe3432274267 --databaseURI mongodb://localhost/myapp &

4、cd root

5、vim my.conf

modify serverURL ip to your local ip

"apps": [
"serverURL": "",
"appId": "c6983b5f14704f00a478f72d4354f953",
"masterKey": "9cd04fb635164c88a1a5fe3432274267",
"appName": "MyApp"
"users": [

6、parse-dashboard --config my.conf --allowInsecureHTTP

7、browser http://yourip:4040

8、Restful doc:

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