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Short Description
right_chimp is a tool for managing servers using the RightScale platform.
Full Description

A dockerized version of the right_chimp gem: Arbitrary 'chimp' commands executed in container -or- defaults to running execution daemon ('chimpd')

credentials config-
$ cat ~/.rest_connection/rest_api_config.yaml:

:user: <your rightscale login here>
:pass: <your rightscale password here>
:api_url:<your rightscale account here>


  • Example #1 - Execute arbitrary chimp command interactively:
    => docker run -it -v ~mastamark/.rest_connection:/root/.rest_connection:ro mastamark/right_chimp:latest chimp --tag="some:tag=true" --script="MyScript"
  • Example #2 - Start right_chimp daemon with docker host port 9055 bound to same container port:
    => docker run -d -p 9055:9055 -v ~mastamark/.rest_connection:/root/.rest_connection:ro mastamark/right_chimp:latest

Send your dockerized chimp queries to your dockerized chimpd by adding flag "--chimpd=" (assuming this is your docker host ip) to chimp queries.

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