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A php apache container ready for Drupal.
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This project is made as a test to see how to work with Docker. Through many tutorials and documentation pages I'm trying
to setup a project that could be reused inside our company. This could be either for development or to run a CI suite
for our projects.


  • Use docker-compose to build/run the containers.
  • Use docker-enter [container_name] to go into the container and run stuff.
    This is just for convenience. You could enable ssh but that disabled by default.


This project has now 2 containers


The php container is build from the official docker php registry found here.


The mysql container is build from the official docker php registry found here.


The following tools are explicitly installed.

  • mysql
  • php 5.5
  • apache
  • nano
  • unzip
  • mysql-client
  • drush

Fixes to remember

During my struggle with Docker and getting to know the way certain things work
these are some lessons I learned written down in a short manner.

  • You need to export $PATH to a .bashrc to be able to use the tools you
    installed through nsenter/docker-enter. See php/Dockerfile.


There are many aspect that could be improved here is a list.

  • Setup a configuration file (projectmanifest)
    • Project name
    • Project folder
    • Project type (kraftwagen, drupal rootk, wordpress, php)
    • Ip address
  • Include mysql configuration in my.cnf
  • Create a data container.
  • Create a solr container
  • Fixing a but with kraftwagen where symlinks are not relative. This creates a situation where we need to reference the
    full host path.





Docker linking.

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