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Solo5 CI (builder)
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Solo5 CI

This repository contains the build recipes / instructions for the
surf-build CI used for Solo5.

Builder name Recipe Contact
aarch64-Debian9-gcc630 Dockerfile @mato
amd64-FreeBSD11p8-clang38 custom @hannesm
amd64-FreeBSD12-clang40 custom @hannesm
x86_64-Debian8-gcc492 Dockerfile @mato
x86_64-Debian9-gcc630 Dockerfile @mato

Docker-based builders

To build and push the image, from the directory with the Dockerfile:

$ docker build -t mato/solo5-builder:<name> .
$ docker push mato/solo5-builder:<name>

To run a builder interactively:

$ docker run --rm -ti \

After a while you should see a message from surf-run indicating it
is watching the Solo5/solo5 repository.

To run a builder non-interactively:

$ docker run --restart=always --name solo5-builder-<name> \

Note that the GITHUB_TOKEN value will be exposed in eg. docker inspect
of the running container.

Adding more builders

Open a PR on this repository, adding your build recipe and entry to the
above table. Contact @mato for a suitable GITHUB_TOKEN.

Docker Pull Command