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Solo5 CI (builder)
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Solo5 CI

This repository contains the build recipes / instructions for the
surf-build CI used for Solo5.

Our CI system has somewhat atypical requirements, since in order to run the
end-to-end tests we need
access to hardware virtualization extensions. This is achieved by running on
bare metal and using nested KVM (for x86_64) or a suitably privileged Docker
container (for aarch64).

The "master" driver script can be found at, this relies on
surf-build to watch the Solo5 repository
for new or updated PRs and push build status to Github, with build logs
uploaded as a Gist (click on the "Details" link beside each builder's status).
The system further depends on vm for the KVM
management infrastructure.

The following builders are currently running:

Builder name Type/Notes Contact
aarch64-Debian9-gcc630 Docker Dockerfile @mato
vm-amd64-FreeBSD11_1-clang40 Nested KVM @mato
vm-x86_64-Debian9-gcc630 Nested KVM @mato
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