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Preview docker image of Mattermost WebRTC. Docs:
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Mattermost WebRTC

This is a repository for the docker image to use the WebRTC functionality in Mattermost.

The feature is currently intended as a working prototype for community development and not recommended for production. See documentation to learn more.

To contribute, please see Contribution Guidelines.

To file issues, search for existing bugs and file a GitHub issue if your bug is new. For connection issues, see existing forum thread to torubleshoot.

Mattermost WebRTC Docker Preview Image

This is a single-machine Docker image for previewing the Mattermost WebRTC features.


Please see documentation for usage.

If you have Docker already set up, you can run this image in one line:

docker run --name mattermost-webrtc -p 7088:7088 -p 7089:7089 -p 8188:8188 -p 8189:8189 -d mattermost/webrtc:latest

Configuring Mattermost WebRTC

In Mattermost System Console -> Integrations -> WebRTC (Beta) and set the following:

  • Enable Mattermost WebRTC: true
  • Gateway Websocket URL: wss://dockerhost:8189
  • Gateway Admin URL: https://dockerhost:7089/admin
  • Gateway Admin Secret: janusoverlord
  • Leave Blank STUN URI, TURN URI, TURN Username and TURN Shared Key unless you have Coturn configured.

Because the WebRTC docker image uses a self-signed certificate you need to enable the ability to make
requests from Mattermost to external services using insecure connections.

In Mattermost System Console -> Security -> Connections:

  • Enable Insecure Outgoing Connections: true
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