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Alpine php7-fpm + gd, mcrypt, mysqli, pdo, pdo_pgsql, pgsql and zip
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An Nginx, PHP-FPM, Maria/Postgres Stack

These docker-compose stacks seek to be the de-facto standard for php based CMSs!


Simply put files in the right folders then go on your merry way laughing to the
bank as you now have a solid-docker-composed-super-speedy-stack.


  • nginx (alpine)
  • php-fpm 7 (alpine + customisation)
  • MariaDB/PostgresSQL


Fresh beginnings

First, make sure you have docker AND docker-compose installed on your host.
If you have downloaded the latest version of your hot new php based CMS,
unzip that bad boy into the html folder. Then all we need to do is change them

chmod +x
docker-compose -f docker-compose.YOUR_CHOICE_AS_CMS_BRO.yml up

At which point Docker should do it's thing, pulling, building and getting ready
for you to take over the interwebs. Yus.

But, you probably wanna make that thing more secure. So crack into the docker
compose file and change the ENVvars to something more suitable than 'secret'.

Not so new beginnings

If you've already got a current CMS running, you will need to back up your
static files and database.

Both MariaDB and PostgresSQL have a similar interface to import existing
databases. This involves adding either a .sql or .sh script to the
'/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d' directory. See the respective docker-compose files
to see how to implement it. You may want to comment it out after the DB has been

Changes to php-fpm base

For the images to work better with popular CMS's the following php extensions
have been added to the base upstream image:

  • gd - A graphics drawing library that enables manipulating image data
  • mcrypt - Provides encryption capabilities
  • mysqli - MySQL PHP driver
  • pdo - A lean, consistent way to access databases.
  • pdo_pgsql - A driver that implements the PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface
  • pgsql - PostgresSQL PHP Driver
  • zip - Well, for zipping things!


  • Get Wordpress docker-compose config working
  • Nginx SSL config
  • Create cleaner folder structure?
  • Create script to get latest CMS - that also puts files in the right places
  • HA/Service Discovery/Load Balancing


Plz contribute! Issues, PRs, new CMS stacks, db/php performance tweaks -
all the things!

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