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Minimal mumbledj container for awesome music while gaming with friends
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A small container for running the glorious mumbledj application for your mumble server built from an Alpine base.

It's configured to use /etc/mumbledj.yaml as the default configuration path.


The recommended way to run this container is as follows:

$ docker run -d mattikus/murmur --server <mumble server ip> --port <mumble server port>

Important notes

Getting API Keys

This application requires either a YouTube or SoundCloud API key to function well. See the mumbledj documentation for instructions on how to acquire these keys.

Providing your own configuration

If you want to tweak the default config.yaml, you should run this after running your container at least once:

docker cp your-container-name:/root/.config/mumbledj/config.yaml ./mumbledj.yaml

To run the container with your tweaked configuration file:

$ docker run -d -v /path/to/your/mumbledj.yaml:/etc/mumbledj.yaml mattikus/mumbledj <args>
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