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Short Description
Exam engine designed for studying and passing technical certifications.
Full Description

<h1>certDragon </h1>

Exam Engine designed to augment a student while studying for technical certifications.

See: <a href="">braindumpToolkit</a> ( Beta ) for converting pdf's for certdragon.

<li>Responsive Angular JS.</li>
<li>Exam Objectives, Practice Exams and Timed Exam Simulator.</li>
<li>Randomized Questions and Answers.</li>
<li>Review Correct Answers.</li>
<li>Load Multiple Exams with Multiple Parts.</li>
<li>Designed for Quickly Preparing for Real Exams.</li>
<li>Place Files on your Webserver or use the Docker Capability.</li>
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<h1>How to use</h1>
Run from the docker index. Or you can place the files contained in the "cD" directory on your webserver's root directory. Edit the app/js/config.js file to change the root directory path.

<h1>Run from Docker index</h1>
You can pull, install & start the certdragon container using this command within the Docker Terminal:
docker run -h certdragon -p 80:80 -d -i mattinclude/certdragon
Run certdragon with logging:
docker run -h certdragon -p 80:80 -t -i mattinclude/certdragon

<h1>Pull from Docker index</h1>
docker pull mattinclude/certdragon

<h1>Build it yourself</h1>
git clone
docker build --rm -t mattinclude/certdragon certdragon
docker run -d -h certdragon -p 80:80 -d -i mattinclude/certdragon

<h1>Connect to certdragon web-interface (Windows)</h1>

Find certdragon's container IP address (Usually

docker-machine ls
docker-machine ip default

Navigate to this IP address using your web browser or launch the container's web preview using Kitematic.

<h1>Connect to certdragon web-interface (Mac)</h1>

Open Web Browser:

Navigate to localhost.

<h1>How to Uninstall</h1>

Stop & Remove certdragon using the following <b>three</b> commands within the Docker Terminal:

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q | grep -v mattinclude/certdragon) && docker rmi -f mattinclude/certdragon
Stop / Remove ALL docker containers:
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) <br>
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

Docker: dial tcp: lookup no such host

docker-machine ssh default <br>
sudo sed -i '1s/^/nameserver\n/' /etc/resolv.conf && exit


Music: Angela J. Brassey
braindumpToolkit: Matthew A. Brassey
AngularJS: Ken Tilly
System Platforms: ubuntu, apache2, Docker, certDragon

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