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miRge - a rational and efficient approach to miRNA-seq
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Official documentation for miRge can be found at our main website:


Obtaining miRge:

miRge may be cloned from this repository by the following command:

git clone

System/Perl/Python Dependencies:

All required libraries may be installed on a ubuntu variant with this command:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libgd-graph-perl libhtml-table-perl python-setuptools python-dev unzip


pip install cutadapt or easy_install cutadapt

OR if you lack root privs

pip install --user cutadapt or easy_install --user cutadapt

Note: if you install it as a non-root user, you must ensure the install location is on your path, or specify the location of cutadapt with the --cutadapt argument. This is usually in ~/.local/bin/cutadapt, but may vary with your particular distribution.


This version may not be the latest, visit the official Bowtie website for the latest version


It may be saved as 'download' or 'bowtie-xxx', so run 'unzip' to extract it to a given location

Sequence Libraries:

From within the directory miRge is installed in, run:


tar -zxvf miRge.seqLibs.tar.gz

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