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Docker pdnsd

This repository contains a Dockerfile to build a pdnsd server.

By default, it will run on port 53 (TCP and UDP).

How to pull already built images?

If you don't want to build it, simply pull the image:

docker pull matttbe/docker-pdnsd

How to use your own pdnsd.conf file?

Simply launch (docker run) the docker with this option: -v /PATH/TO/YOUR/pdnsd.conf:/etc/pdnsd.conf:ro

How to build?

git clone
cd docker-pdnsd
docker build -t matttbe/docker-pdnsd .

How to launch it?

You can simply launch it as any other docker image but don't forget to expose and redirect ports, e.g.: you can use the port 1234. You can also add options at the end, e.g. to only use IPv4 with -4 option:

docker run -d -p 1234:53 -p 1234:53/udp -P --name pdnsd matttbe/pdnsd -4
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