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Unofficial Neo4j Dockerfile

Neo4j Community Edition 2.2.0

This repository contains a Docker image of the latest version release candidate (2.2.0) of the Neo4j community server. This Docker image of Neo4j provides instructions on how to map a Docker data volume to an already existing data/graph.db store file located on your host machine.

Build Docker Image

To build the source from the Dockerfile as an image:

docker build -t maxdemarzi/neo4j .

Pull Docker Image

This image is automatically built and is available from the Docker registry. Use the following pull command to download the image to your local Docker server.

docker pull maxdemarzi/neo4j

Start Neo4j Container

To run the Neo4j image inside a container after either building it or pulling it, run the following docker command.

docker run -p 7474:7474 -p 7473:7473 -p 1337:1337 --name neo4j maxdemarzi/neo4j

Four volumes are exposed so you can make changes.

VOLUME  ["/opt/neo4j/conf", "/opt/neo4j/data/graph.db", "/opt/neo4j/data/log", "/opt/neo4j/plugins"]

For example to use an existing graph.db directory:

docker run -d -P -v /path/to/neo4j/data/:/opt/neo4j/data/graph.db --name neo4j maxdemarzi/neo4j
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