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Jupyter Notebook Server running on Raspberry Pi
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Jupyter Notebook Server for Rasberry Pi

This image is built on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Hypriot OS. It is a minimal notebook server with resin/rpi-raspbian:jessie as base image without additional packages.

Due to a popular python library called scikit-learn requires bzip2 library which needs to be installed before Python is compiled, I updated the image to 1.1.

I have also built maxjiang/rpi-jupyter:datascience (based on 1.1) so that you have most of the data science packages installed without installing/compiling them yourself.

Tags Description
datascience numpy scipy scikit-learn pandas seaborn matplotlib
1.1/latest Python 3.6, Tini 0.14.0, jessie-20170315
1.0 Python 3.5.1, Tini 0.9.0, jessie-20160525

Running in detached mode

docker run -dp 8888:8888 maxjiang/rpi-jupyter 

Now you can access your notebook at http://<docker host IP address>:8888


If you would like to change some config, create your own on the docker host and run the following:

docker run -itp <host port>:<dest port> -v <path to your config file>:/root/.jupyter/ maxjiang/rpi-jupyter

This maps a local config file to the container.

The following command gives you a bash session in the running container so you could do more:

docker exec -it <container id> /bin/bash


You can find the dockerfiler on Github

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