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A Docker image that runs a Spring XD Shell (fork of
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Spring XD Shell

Forked from spring-xd-docker/image-shell

Contains up-to-date Spring XD distro.

A Docker image that runs a Spring XD Shell.

There currently isn't any way to specify the Admin URL when launching a shell
(see this issue), so you'll need to use

xd:>admin config server http://host:ip

to connect to the running admin server.

As an example, if using the springxd/admin image:

docker run --name springxd-admin \
    --link zookeeper:zookeeper \
    --link hsqldb:hsqldb \
    --link redis:redis \
    -d \
    - 9393:9393\

Note how we exposed the 9393 port above. The, run this image:

docker run --name springxd-shell \
    -it \
    -v <dir on your machine>:/tmp/xd-modules \

and use

xd:>admin config server http://localhost:9393

Replacing localhost with your host running Docker (if running inside boot2docekr for example, one can use
boot2docker ip to get the IP to connect to).

Note that http://localhost:9393 is actually the shell default, so if running with a local Docker demon
and mapping 9393 to 9393, you're actually good to go.

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