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RStudio server based off debian:jessie with latest R + other packages (e.g. rJava for xlsx) via CRAN
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TL;DR, BLUF, Just-the-image-please

cd /your/R/project
docker run -it --rm \
    -v $(pwd):/home/guest/work \
    -p 49000:8787 \

Then, in a web browser:


username: guest
password guest

What is this?

Docker image that runs rstudio server; also contains a few pretty
popular plugins as well as a blas implementation via apt-get.

Inspired by
this rstudio-server docker,
with some philosophical differences:

  • Avoid ubuntu mal/bloatware
  • Add latest R packages via cran [current R version: 3.4.0]
  • Add r-recommended and other R packages via apt-get

Useful for any or all of the following reasons:

  • You are on arch linux and don't want to clutter your
    installed repositories with the stuff needed to build rstudio
  • You're on debian or ubuntu but don't want to install some random .deb
  • You're on OS X and don't want to install RStudio itself
  • You like reproducible research and don't want to clutter
    up your installed R packages on your personal setup
  • [your reason here]


If you want to build from scratch:



First you have to build, per above.


Here you can change the port if you need to, or whatever
other settings you want.

You can then hit localhost:port and login.

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