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An image with Php7.0 and Nginx.
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In Short

This image is optimized for use with any basic PHP7.0 website

  • Nginx as a fast and efficient webserver.
  • PHP-FPM as the FastCGI engine.
  • Pushion as the minimal Linux container for this image.


Only works with Docker-Compose
This is a second stage image and should be used to build the final image for production/development.

In the final build stage make sure you added a security.conf with in the snippets folder in NGINX.
this file contains thinks like hide .files and file type you don't want people to look at.


  • Define the base image as maxvanderschee/base, an excellent minified Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Docker container.
  • Install and update the core components for this new container like Nginx, PHP-FPM.
  • Setup PHP-FPM, Nginx.
  • Expose Volumes and ports.
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