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Prebuilt Image for Testing gitian builds on travis-ci
Full Description


Build coin daemons & QT wallets with gitian in docker

Requires Docker 1.7+ installed on a build host

Host may be local iron, AWS (or other) instance, or Virtualbox VM

Currently testing has been done with:

    • .travis.yml example
    • MAZA 0.10.2 will not complete if ALL steps are performed on travis as per the example above
    • travis build pulls maza/gitian-travis which is an Automated Build on Dockerhub
    • Travis caching may or may not work in the example provided
    • Builds currently succeed, with fail marks (hashes are provided, travis marks build as failed because a script commend exited non-zero)
  • Macbook Pro
    • OSX El Capitan
    • Docker 1.9.1
    • VirtualBox 5.0.14
    • Docker-Toolbox
    • build success is dependent on correct write perms
      • needs additional scripting to:
        • detect OS / Docker-Toolbox use
        • ensure that the build directory is mounted in the VM w/ correct perm/owner
        • Docker build is set to accommodate correct Vbox use
  • AWS m4.xlarge instance
    • Ubuntu 15.10
    • Docker 1.9.1
    • Builds are successful

Prebuilt Image Availability

  • images with premade base vms are created at travis-ci and pushed to docker hub (view .travis.yml)
    • use of LXC prevents this from being made on dockerhub infrastructure
  • images without premade base vms are created vi Docker hub
    • push requires use of encrpted travis variables
  • <strong>Prebuilt images are for automation & testing, and should not be relied on exclusively</strong>
  • Available images are to support automated gitian building vi travis-ci
  • MAZA is currently the only supported coin

    • more coins will be added to a build matrix as time permits


  • A full daemon/QT build with dependencies will exceed the 50min time limit on open source accounts
  • To support full automation, 2 projects (gitian-docker & main coin project) are required
  • users with more flexible constraints should operate without premade images

Quick Start


./ maza-10.2.env

To change coins, simply make a new env file with the correct variables set


(or, we know you like to build stuff so we'll build a builder for your builder so you can build moar)

  • ./
    sets a few variables, corrects the Dockerfiles, and runs the docker containers for you
  • runs in the stage1 container, and sets up the gitian build environment for you
  • runs in the builder container and performs the build
    • currently this builds win, linux, osx

This will take the stock dockerfile and build one we'll use to build the Stage1 Container
Stage 1 container will

  • clone a fresh copy of your source
  • get the gitian-builder
  • make the base "VMs" (LXC containers) for your gitian builds
  • copy those base-vms to your LOCAL disk
  • produce a Dockerfile for the gitian-builder container

Stage 2 Gitian-Builder container is build with your NAMESPACE (your username)
and sets the entry point for the next script.

Docker Pull Command
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