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Bitcoin Classic, Large development image, include source
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Base image for typical bitcoin-derived coin daemons, provides BDB 4.8 compiled from source

Each coin is placed in its own branch, as is the base image

Examples are available for series 0.8 and 0.9+ coinds

Each Branch supports an automated build
Base = maazaclub/coind-base
MZC = mazaclub/mazacoind-base
NMC = mazaclub/namecoind-base
DASH = mazaclub/dashpay-base

Bitcoin Versions:

Because of network developments in bitcoin, several versions will be offered
For each branch, multiple tags may be available.
Latest tag will always be master branch from official sources
Additional tags may be provided for release versions and / or specific patches

  • btc-core = mazaclub/bitcoind-base
  • btc-classic = mazaclub/btc-classic-base
  • btc-unlimited = mazaclub/btc-unlimites-base
  • btc-therealbtc = mazaclub/threalbitcoin-base

Quick Start

   docker run -d -v /some/dir:/home/coin -p 8333:8333 -p 8332:8332 -e RPCPORT=8332 -e TXINDEX=1 mazaclub/btc-classic-base

Several command line environment variables are accepted, defaults are set.

Daemon runs from /etc/service/bitcoind/run vi /sbin/my_init entrypoint.

We use "docker-enter" to enter the container

   docker run -it --rm -v /usr/local/bin:/target jpetazzo/nsenter
   /usr/local/bin/docker-enter [Container_ID]

Daemon will shut down it /etc/service/bitcoind/run is not present

   mv /etc/service/bitcoind /tmp

Daemon will start once this is present again.

More Info

These are developer images, and should contain complete source, .git directories, and
Dockerfiles used to build the image inside for reference. Because there is init-like control, the
container will continue to run if bitcoind is shut down.

These images are suitable for development of correlated services, such as

  • Electrum & Encompass Mercury Servers
  • Block Explorers
  • P2Pool nodes

See mazaclub/mazachain for an example of how we use
these for base layers for additional services.

mazaclub/XXXcoind-base Images are
FROM phusion/baseimage
FROM mazaclub/coind-base

Simple example shell script to run coind images is included in each coind branch

Intended to provide a known base for coin daemon us in applications, such as blockexplorers,
electrum/encompass-mercury servers, API services, and more.

  • phusion/baseimage provides "dockerized" init system /sbin/my_init (similar to s6)
  • daemons stay in foreground (stderr stdout sent to docker logs)
  • /etc/service/{COIN}d/run controls the daemon - mv to /tmp & back to start/stop

  • /home/coin/.{COIN}/ has your standard coin directory (debug.log, blockchain data etc)

  • /usr/local/bin/{COIN}d (and -cli -txn if later series coin code)

Images are somewhat large to support compiling from official sources and to support phusion init. Gentoo bases would be much more efficient.

Pull requests are welcomed. Please submit PRs to Develop branch.

For further use, see

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository