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Tate Release and Windows builder

Create (semi)unattended Tate Package Release and Windows builds on Linux using docker.

All you need is docker to build a full release for Linux/OSX (native python) and Windows Setup.exe

This contains 4 primary scripts:

  • build
    builds the docker build container,
    runs make_release inside this container
    puts all the resulting release packages and windows exe files in releases/
    and finally, makes md5 and sha1 sums and gpg signs all the sums and releases

  • helpers/make_release
    gets the current requested release tag from github and packages a release

  • helpers/make_packages
    performs the packaging necessary to create tarball and windows releases

  • helpers/build-binary
    builds the windows exe files

To make adaptations, or for debugging/hacking simply change the <code>$DOCKERBIN run</code>
to run <code>/bin/bash</code> instead of <code>/root/make_release</code>

When the build completes, you should be left with


The releases/ will contain signed & summed .tar.gz .zip .exe and -setup.exe files for
your release.

This build should be easily adaptable to any electrum derived wallet.

Getting started

Clone this repository and run ./build 0.2 (or whatever the latest stable release is) and if
all goes well your windows binary should appear in the releases folder.

General remarks

It's still a little hack-y - this is adapted from a few sources to provide a complete
release packager, and intended to provide a fully deterministic build process. However,
since the build script runs directly on the host, writing to the host's filesystem,
and this doesn't provide the mean to specify a docker version,this is not 100% deterministic.
A future update will include a vagrant box file to specify a build VM to run the build script.

The script also does a little extra work as we integrate it into Tate and our release process.

There's a lot to apt-get in the Dockerfile, this will take a while to build
the docker image. Once the docker image is built on your machine, the tate build
runs quickly.

This image is also available as an automated build on dockerhub

<code>git clone && cd tate-winbuild
docker pull mazaclub/tate-winbuild
./build 0.2
Current image size is approximately 2.1GB

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