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Tate-Server - Complete with mazacoind

Tate Server provides electrum SPV services for lightweight clients for MZC

This image will install dependencies and tate-server from mazaclub sources

Super-Quick Ubuntu Startup Instructions

This image uses mazaclub/mazacoind-base as a base image, which is
based on phusion/baseimage - this image uses /sbin/my_init as the ENTRYPOINT

  • /sbin/my_init will start <code>/etc/service/tate-server/run</code> and restart if it crashes
  • my_init and 'run' will start <code>/app/</code> will will construct
    <code>/etc/tate.conf</code> from environment variables.


A simple start script is provided in the github source repo as an example.

This image expects to find your mazacoind blockdata and mazacoin.conf in
and be owned by UID:GID 2211:2211 (maza:maza)

  • This image has VOLUMES at
    • <code>/home/maza</code>
    • <code>/var/tate-server</code>
  • It's highly recommended to use host bindmounts for data permanence.
    • <code> -v /full/host/path:/home/maza</code>
  • If you run mazacoind in a separate image on the same host, and don't use coreos/flannel
    • <code>--link mazacoind_container:mazacoind</code> will expose mazacoind as host "mazacoind"
    • It is preferred to not have mazacoind RPC ports exposed to the host network - use flanneld or --link
  • If you server tate data via SSL, be sure to mount certs!
    • <code>-v /some/path/to/certs:/app/certs</code>
    • default is <code>tate.pem</code> and <code>tate.key</code>

The startup script for tate-server provided will acquire
the values needed to configure tate.conf from environment variables

These can be easily set in your <code>docker run</code> statement:

docker run -d \ 
  -h your.fq.dn" \
  --name=${NAME} \
  --restart=always \
  -p 50002:50002 \ 
  -p 8000:8000 \
  -p 50001:50001 \
  -p 12835:12835 \
  -e USER=maza \
  -e HOSTNAME=your.external.fqdn \
  -v ${HOST_DATA_PREFIX}/certs:/app/certs \
  -v ${HOST_DATA_PREFIX}/mazacoind:${MAZADIR} \
  -v ${HOST_DATA_PREFIX}/tate-data:${DATA_VOLDIR} \ 

The following variables can be set with additional <code> "-e VAR=value \"</code> lines in the <code>docker run</code> statement.
Defaults are provided.

RPCUSER=${RPCUSER:-$(grep rpcuser ${MAZADIR}/mazacoin.conf |awk -F= '{print $2}')}
RPCPASSWORD=${RPCPASSWORD:-$(grep rpcpassword ${MAZADIR}/mazacoin.conf |awk -F= '{print $2}')}
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