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Twister for armhf / armv7 devices
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Updated 2014-10-02

This image contains twister-core with the twister-html frontend ready to run on armhf (armv7) compatible devices.


You need to install Docker on your ARM device (Raspberry Pi, Cubietruck etc.). I can wholeheartedly recommend Arch Linux ARM as a base system.


Pull and run the docker image:

sudo docker run -p 28332:28332 mazzolino/armhf-twister

Then open http://<ADDRESS OF DEVICE>:28332/ from your PC.


If you want to build the image yourself (this takes at least 3-4 hours on an armv7 device), checkout the source repository (hint: run ./twister-on-docker --help).

Hint: The source repository is not current. I will try to incorporate the changes into the official Twister repo instead,

If you just want to see how the image is built, have a look the Dockerfile.

_ProTip: You can use qemu on your Linux PC to build Docker containers for your ARM device. This will drastically speed up compilation times. See this post for information. (Disclaimer: The qemu-based build failed for me when cloning the twister-html git repo.)_

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