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This Docker image builds twisterd for Windows (32/64 bit) using the MinGW
compiler on Linux. It uses the (almost unmodified) Gitian build scripts from the twister-core repository.

Running the image will copy the compiled files to the /target directory inside the container. So you should mount a host directory in
there in order to get them out of the container.


Use the precompiled image from the Docker index:

sudo docker pull mazzolino/twister-core-windows-docker
sudo docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/target:/target mazzolino/twister-core-windows-docker

The output files will be written to the target subdirectory of your current folder.

Building the image yourself

You can build the container yourself. Please be aware that this will
download and compile all dependencies as well, which can take a long
time (> 1h). Building yourself has the advantage that further builds
will make use of Dockerfile caching. So in future builds, only twister itself will be rebuilt:

sudo docker build -t mazzolino/twister-core-windows-docker .

When the build is done, you can run the image just like the pre-built
one (see Quickstart).

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