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HTML interface for Twister (github).
To use it, clone this repo under ~/.twister/html like this:

git clone ~/.twister/html


If you want a localised interface (currently available only for NL, IT, FR, DE and RU),
use the experimental i18n branch:

git checkout i18n

If you want to translate it in your own language, check these instructions


Feel free to fork and send pull requests!
To make it easier for us to accept your patches, please follow the conventional
GitHub workflow:

 # after forking, clone your repo
 rm -rf ~/.twister/html
 git clone ~/.twister/html
 cd ~/.twister/html
 # CREATE A NEW BRANCH, specific to the fix you're implementing
 git checkout -b my-fix
 # ... make your changes ...
 # commit and push
 git commit -m "Fixing #1234 - bad foobarizer" && git push
 # Now open a pull request from branch my-fix to miguelfreitas:master on github.
 # Once the request is accepted, switch back to master and track upstream
 git remote add upstream # one-off setup
 git fetch upstream
 git checkout master
 git merge upstream/master # you should get a fast-forward message here
 git push


If you want to add your own translation, edit interface_localization.js like this:

  1. fork the repo, checkout i18n and create a new branch
    git clone ~/.twister/html
    cd ~/.twister/html
    git checkout i18n
    git checkout -b Klingon
  1. add your language to the list of available choices. You should use your ISO code here,
    it should match what the browser reports. The Klingon ISO is "tlh", so:
    var knownLanguages = ["en","nl","it","fr","ru","tlh"];`

For multi-region languages, if you want to catch them all, use only the first half
(e.g. to match it and it-ch, specify "it").

  1. add a new wordset block after existing ones
    if(preferredLanguage == "tlh"){
        wordset = {
            "Insults": "mu'qaD,
  1. stage all changes in file interface_localization.js
    git add interface_localization.js
  1. commit & push
    git commit -m "Klingon translation"
    git push   
  1. When opening the pull request on github, make sure you're pointing to miguelfreitas:i18n
    as the base, so we can merge it straight away in the right place. For any help, ping @toyg.
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