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Export performance metrics from Graphite as Prometheus metrics
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Export performance metrics from Graphite as Prometheus metrics


Sometimes I have to run two monitoring solutions in parallel. Graphite infrastricture provides some performance metics and I want them to be stored in Prometheus.


Quick run:
go run graphite-render-exporter.go

Recommended usage is docker container:
docker run mbarzilovich/graphite-render-exporter


Application is configured with environment variables

  • GRAPHITE_URL = "http://localhost:8080/render" URL or Graphite render API
  • TARGETS = "*.*" Globe to select metrics in Gripthite render API
  • POLL_DEPTH = "50s" Time back from now in Graphite render API request ("from=-50s" parameter)
  • HTTP_USER = "" Basic authentication user. No basic auth if empty
  • HTTP_PASSWORD = "" Basic authentication password. No basic auth if empty

      docker run -d -name graphite-render-exporter -e GRAPHITE_URL="" -e TARGETS="metrics.cpu.*" -e POLL_DEPTH=4min -e HTTP_USER=myuser -e HTTP_PASSWORD=mypassword -p 8081:8081 mbarzilovich/graphite-render-exporter
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