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One syslog to rule them all

  1. Build the syslog container:

    docker build -t syslog .

  2. Monitor the logs:

    docker run --volumes-from syslog ubuntu tail -f /var/log/syslog

  3. Run it:

    docker run --name syslog -d -v /tmp/syslogdev:/dev syslog

    allow syslogging from localhost over UDP (eg: port 1514):

    docker run --name syslog -d -v /tmp/syslogdev:/dev -p syslog

  4. Start another container to send logs:

    docker run -v /tmp/syslogdev/log:/dev/log ubuntu logger hello

  1. Alternative to #2, as of docker v1.3 use the docker-exec command to inspect syslog container directly, after some logs have been generated

    docker exec -t syslog tail -f /var/log/syslog

  2. See in the log message show up in the "tail" container.

  1. Logging to SemaText's Logsene service:

    To log to remote Logsene service, run with these environment variables:

    • LOGSENE_SYSLOG_HOST - remote hostname, usually:
    • LOGSENE_APP_TOKEN - your Logsene application token

    docker run --name syslog -d -v /tmp/syslogdev:/dev -e -e LOGSENE_APP_TOKEN=<your token> -p syslog

  2. Logging to any remote Syslog (over UDP):

    To log to a remote syslog deamon (currently UDP), run with these environment variables:

    • REMOTE_SYSLOG_HOST - remote hostname, eg.
    • REMOTE_SYSLOG_PORT - syslog port, defaults to 514
    • REMOTE_SYSLOG_PROTO - protocol, udp or tcp, to talk to remote syslog server; defaults to 'udp'

    docker run --name syslog -d -v /tmp/syslogdev:/dev -e -e REMOTE_SYSLOG_PORT=5140 -e REMOTE_SYSLOG_PORT=udp -p syslog

  3. With systemd-journald forwarding host journal to container:

    • READ_FROM_JOURNALD - set to 1 if you want rsyslog to read from mapped socket (assumes the socket was created by "something" eg. a syslog.socket systemd unit)
      Ensure that journald is configured for syslog forwarding, set the following in /etc/systemd/journal.conf.d/99-forward-to-sylog.conf

    docker run --name syslog -d -v /tmp/syslogdev:/dev -e READ_FROM_JOURNALD=1 -v /run/systemd/journal/syslog:/run/systemd/journal/syslog -e -e REMOTE_SYSLOG_PORT=5140 -e REMOTE_SYSLOG_PORT=udp -p syslog

Note: this container is also available on Docker Hub:


For more information on this approach, see Multiple Docker containers logging to a single syslog.

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