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This can be used for uploading images for a new show to
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Usage: docker run -it -v /path/to/your/images:/tmp/images mbjorge/casetheater

  1. Rotate any picutures that need to be rotated. For example, some pictures that should be portrait are currently stored as landscape, so fix that.

  2. Delete any pictures that are very blurry or otherwise poor quality. This is up to your discretion.

  3. Put all of the pictures into a new folder. The only thing in this folder should be pictures. Due to limitations of the Docker system, if you are on a Windows machine, put the folder somewhere under C:\Users. A good choice would be to just make the folder on the desktop, e.g C:\Users\mbjorge\Desktop\images.

  4. Now run this docker image and pass in the folder using the docker run -v flag, mounting to /tmp/images on the devices. Note, it is important to mount at /tmp/images on the docker container, since that is where the script assumes the images will be. Example: docker run -it -v /c/Users/mbjorge/Desktop/images:/tmp/images

  5. The program will then prompt you for username, password, and some information about the show. Answer these questions as appropriate.

  6. The program will then make the cover picture, the thumbnail pictures, and the regular pictures. It will setup all the necessary folders on the website server and upload all the image files automatically. It will then update the show_data.db database with the new show information.

  7. You are all done! Check the website and make sure everything looks correct!

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